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Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası


Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
Nutrition and Dietetics
Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutritionist is a person who trained in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Dietitians plan nutritional habits of individuals and communities,apply diets and give education about nutrition. This occupational group, first in 1961 as the ILO (International Labour Organisation) in 1988, with the classification made by the professional code of 0.69 is standardized by the code 32.23. As well as scholarship, dieticians can be researchers and take part in therapeutic and rehabilitative health services.

Nutrition and Dietetics Department gives appropriate education and training. about protection of the health of individuals and communities, improving, adequate and balanced diet in order to contribute to improving the quality of life for the development of international standards.

The main objective of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics:
  • Providing a sound scientific basis and support students to develop research skills.
  • Food, nutrition research, trade food and beverage services, hospital nutrition and dietary services, public health and community and instill enough responsibility for a balanced diet, to prepare and educate.
  • Equipped laboratories and research to provide students with opportunities to practice skills and information and communication.
  • Health promotion, disease prevention and the treatment, food & beverage sector is to educate dietitians can apply their professional knowledge and skills.

Job Oppurtunities:
  • Inpatient care institutions (hospitals), medical centers, maternal and child health centers.
  • Special care centers (nursing homes, kindergartens, rehabilitation centers).
  • All work places with food service and institutions (schools, military institutions, factories).
  • Food and beverage manufacturing and selling agencies (food factories, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, fast catering level).
  • Food-drug industry (natural products, dietary supplements, foods for infants and young children).
  • Government agencies and ministries concerned with nutrition (Food Analysis Laboratory, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs).
  • Fitness and sports centers / clubs.
  • Special dietary counseling centers.
  • Private health and education camps (athletes, diabetics, people with disabilities and so on. Camping).
  • Media organizations (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers).
  • Education and research activities (universities, projects, R & D institutions).
  • International health and nutrition organizations (FAO, WHO, UN and UNICEF).